Manna's Trip to Anime Central '98 (Chicago, IL)

      On the morning of April 3rd, 1998, Manna Anime (or at least 4/5th of us) piled into Adam's van and headed down I-94 to Chicago to attend Anime Central '98.

"what the---?!"
My dorm room, apx: too early

"You wanna die, don't you, Adam"
A rest stop on I-94

"5 guys are gonna sleep here?"
Manna room, apx 3pm

"He's taken 20 pics already?"
Boot to da Head room, apx 5pm

Yasha awake (but not for long)
Manna room, apz 5pm

What we came to AC for: to watch anime!
BtdH room, apx late evening

Ron's infamous EVA rant
BtdH room, apx past midnight

"A knuckle?"
BtdH room, apx past midnight

small Dealer room, but still impressive
Dealer room

"waa~i!" to-be-signed SMJ LD
BtdH room, apx 3pm

Junta's catch, HP lds
BtdH room, apx 7pm

50 piece bucket o'nuggets. Yuck   : P
McDonald's, Rosemont, apx 8pm

Ririka cosplayer
masquerade, apx 9pm

A popular cosplayer
masqerade, apx 9pm

Kumi sporting his anti-Hecto shirt
???, ???

GoH Daiken Yokoh, w/ us for b'fast
Denny's, Rosemont, apx 8am

more Daiken Yokoh
Denny's, Rosemont, apx 8am

Our friend at GRAAC

"screw you, Adam"